What I’m doing and why

03 Mar

 American BarAt the bar of my favorite restaurant one Friday evening, my partner Michael and I were discussing cocktails, in general. I stated that I was fascinated by “cocktail culture” and would love to learn more about the various libations made famous by bars, lounges, speakeasies, and the folks that frequented them; I even had a great resource, “American Bar” by Charles Schumann. Then I thought, how fun would it be to work my way through the book, cocktail by cocktail, and share the experience with others? Julie Powell did it to high (and low) acclaim with Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Why don’t I do the same with this lovely little gem?

And so… here I am. With the help of Ryan, Chris, Zach, Ben, McKay, and Brandon (we miss you, Sean!), the beyond-wonderful bartenders at The Republic 1836 steakhouse, I hope to have a better understanding and greater appreciation for something I love doing anyway… enjoying a good drink at a good bar with good friends… and sharing that appreciation with whomever stumbles by.

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