Rusty Nail

25 Mar
Rusty Nail

Rusty Nail

March 21, 2014 – The Republic Steakhouse

Rusty Nail
1 1/2  oz. Scotch
3/4 oz. Drambuie

Stir over ice in a lowball glass.

The winner of the night. Made with Chivas Regal 12. Akin to a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned, but not as sweet and a little smoother. I tasted the components separately and gained a greater appreciation how each rounded out the other. The Scotch had hints of apples and butterscotch, while the Drambuie brought honey and flowers.

I had grown up with my parents ordering these when they went out, but I guess I had forgotten that until tonight. I was a bit tired of the “cocktail glass” drinks and wanted something more serious. This fit the bill to a T. Chivas Regal 12 is the leading 12+ year old Scotch. Drambuie is a Scottish liqueur made from Scotch whisky, heather honey, spices, and herbs. It would be great as an after-dinner drink on it’s own, but in a Rusty Nail, it finds its true home.

Slàinte mhor! (Gaelic)


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