Lusty Lady

04 Jun
Lusty Lady

Lusty Lady

May 30, 2014 – The Republic Steakhouse

This is the first drink in a new category… Lagniappe: a little something extra. These are drinks that aren’t in the book, but sounded interesting enough to share with you.

Lusty Lady
2 oz. gin
1/2 oz. lime juice
1/2 oz. simple syrup
1/8 oz. cranberry juice
1 egg white
2–3 dashes Scrappy’s lavender bitters

Shake until frothy and serve up with brandied cherries.

First, some background. My mother and father celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a road trip from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Napa Valley, California, down old Route 66. While in Napa, Dad saw a little collection of specialty bitters, Scrappy’s lavender, celery, orange, and aromatic. My first thought when he gave them to me was, “Oh man! I bet the boys would like to play around with these!” I finally remembered to bring them in tonight, and I was right! This drink is from the box the bitters came in.

Well gin… and not sure what the purpose of the infinitesimal amount of cranberry juice was. Over all, this was a pleasant drink. The lavender bitters perfumed the meringue-like egg white froth, which hit the back of the tongue first with a silky, slightly sweet hint.

Skál! (Faroese)

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