Monkey Piss

09 Jun
Monkey Piss

Monkey Piss

June 6, 2014 – The Republic Steakhouse

Monkey Piss
1 oz. St. Germaine elderflower liqueur
1 oz. Monkey Shoulder Scotch
Lemon juice

Mix with ice in an old fashioned glass.

This is another “off-book” drink that was a joint effort between myself, my daughter Lyndal, and Ryan. I offer my abject apologies for the crude name, but there is a good reason for it and some good supporting evidence, as well.

First, the story. Lyndal is a summer intern at a regional zoo. On her very first day there, she was introduced to J.D., the squirrel monkey. J.D. hates the male keepers and adores the female keepers. He adores them so much, he tends to mark them as his own, which he promptly did with Lyndal. She called me that evening to tell me how her day went, all excited about experiencing something (getting peed on by a monkey) that not very many people get to experience. I relayed the story to Ryan, and we tried to think of an appropriate commemorative drink to celebrate her 21st birthday. He suggested something with Monkey Shoulder, but we couldn’t really come up with anything cohesive. Fast forward a few weeks. Lyndal had been joining us on Friday evenings, doing her own cocktail research with her favorite combination of St. Germaine, lemon, and soda. She found that her favorite liquor with this concoction was Scotch. This night, I suggested she try it with Monkey Shoulder and see if it would stand up to being dubbed the elusive primate-themed drink we had tried to come up with. The result? A totally delightful drink with successive tastes of rich elderflower, tart lemon, and the Scotch’s smooth, warm, spicy hints of vanilla.

The supporting evidence for the vulgar name? The inverse corollary of coolly named cocktails taste bad: horribly named cocktails taste fabulous!

Skål! (Norwegian)

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