19 Jun


In honor of FIFA World Cup 2014, one of two cocktails this week featuring cachaça (kə-shä-sə), Brazil’s national spirit. Slate published a very nice little article with some interesting history on the fiery beverage.

June 13, 2014 – The Republic Steakhouse

2 oz. cachaça
1–2 barspoons sugar (or sugar cubes)

Place lime wedge and sugar into a small highball glass. Press well with a pestle or muddler. Pour in cachaça and stir. Fill with crushed ice and stir again.

Leblon cachaça. This brought back memories. I was lucky enough to spend a glorious week in Belize in 2004. Most evenings were spent in a little cabana bar sipping on these lovely drinks. Cachaça can be harsh, but the lime juice and oils from the skin along with the sugar take most of the edges off. Leblon is aged in XO Cognac casks, with give it a rounder, warmer flavor that is really special. I’ll be ordering more of these, for sure.

Leblon is made in Patos de Minas, in the heart of Minas Gerais, Brazil, using European winemaking techniques.

Viva!! (Portuguese)


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