Rum Old Fashioned

31 May
Rum Old Fashioned

Rum Old Fashioned

January 21, 2016 – The Republic Steakhouse

Rum Old Fashioned

1 sugar cube
Dashes Angostura bitters
Lemon, orange
2 oz. white rum
Water or soda

Place sugar cube in an old-fashioned glass and saturate with Angostura. Add lemon and orange wedges and crush with a pestle. Add ice, pour in rum, and fill with soda.

Flor de Caña white rum. Very nice! This is lighter than your standard Old Fashioned, of course, and manages that without being overly “beachy”. Overall, quite a serious cocktail. As my taste buds seem to always insist that rum = coconut, I was pleased to find that this time it was more of an aftertaste than anything boldly up front. The slight spice from the bitters is bolstered a bit by the citrus oils from the peels. I’d like to try this again with a good aged rum.

Kedves egészségére! (Hungarian)

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