Black Maria

06 Apr
Black Maria

Black Maria

September 29, 2016 – The Republic Steakhouse

Black Maria

1 oz. dark rum
3/4 oz. Tia Maria
1 barspoon sugar
1 c. cold coffee
Lemon peel

Stir over ice in a small highball glass.Twist the lemon peel over the drink and drop into the glass.

Diplomatico dark rum, Kaluha. What a surprise! This is an excellent cocktail that would be perfect with brunch. As cold coffee drinks usually are, this one is very refreshing with just a hint of warmth from the rum. The Kaluha (or Tia Maria, if they had it) sweetens everything just right and the lemon peel adds a bright floral nose. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes one of these book drinks really strikes a chord and gets offered to other patrons at the bar, and tonight it happened. Five other customers tried it, all to great acclaim.

වාසනාවන්! (vāsatāvan) ඡය වේවා! (jaya vevā!) (Sinhala)

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