The blog

Slightly sloshed, wildly derivative idea born while seated at one of the best bars in the country (my own opinion, but shared by others, I’m sure). The idea was to use Charles Schumann’s “American Bar” as a road map for discovering and rediscovering classic cocktails, as the title implies, from A to Z.

The authors

Shana Lewis, main writer, co-sampler, and blog wizard (okay… still just blog apprentice, but she’s learning), works full-time as a copy editor for an international science publication. She works part-time as “off-site consultant” to two newly professional women (“mom” implies a bit too much involvement for their tastes), gardener, chief cook, and loving life-partner of Michael Nelson. Shana also (lazily) maintains a cooking/gardening blog, Shana’s in the kitchen. Although she has no professional experience with cocktails, she very much enjoys her amateur status as gourmand and bon vivant.

Michael Nelson, co-sampler, photographer, and provider of much artistic input, works full-time as a contract systems administrator. Part-time duties include emotional support of the off-site consultant, gardener, chief bottle washer, and science-fiction reader. Somewhat of a dilettante in the cocktail scene (lots of beer and Purple Jesus while at college doesn’t count), Michael is an enthusiastic student of “the finer things,” which definitely includes cocktails.


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